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Water Sampling

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Water Sampling –
Regulatory Requirements Sewer Water

Sewer discharge

To meet Water Corporation requirements for discharge, Hydrocarbon levels in waste water should be 30 ppm or less. PH readings are to be between 5.5 to 8.5. Allflow Industrial will organise a water sample for testing of the Hydrocarbon (TPH) output and PH output of treated water and provide NATA accredited report.

Discharge to Non-sewer

To fully meet EPA requirements as outlined in guidelines produced by Department of Water, Department of Environment and Swan River Trust for discharging waste water to ground comprehensive testing of the discharged waste water for PH, BTEX, TPH, MBAS is recommended bi-annually. Allflow Industrial will organize a water sample for comprehensive testing of the PH, BTEX, TPH, MBAS, as per the waste water discharge criteria (available on request) and provide NATA accredited report.

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